Protection And Conservation Of Historic Property

The maintenance of historic properties is an essential element when it comes to their long term-conservation. We source and supply specialist products, using period specific materials where necessary, to help preserve structural integrity and minimise impact on the immediate environment.

Trades UK 247  aims to establish long term partnerships with the management and owners of historic properties. We prioritise remedial works and carry them out as soon as possible to limit any long term damage.

Attention to detail on historic properties is of the highest priority. This is communicated with our historic-property customers as well as those commissioning the work on their behalf. Our historic property management expertise gives our customers a seamless service for any project, of any scale.

Our collaborative approach with customers helps mitigate risk when working on historic properties and when handling historical building features. This improves time and cost predictability, providing stakeholder control and confidence.

As principal contractors, we work closely with our continually vetted supply chain to deliver the specialist trades that are often required on historic properties. Our experience working within this industry has provided us with that unique insight which covers everything from specialist techniques to the sourcing of highly skilled trades and individuals when needed.

Trades UK 247 can provide the commercial property solutions you need to address project problems

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