An Intelligent Approach To Infrastructure

Trades UK 247 specialises in the implementation of remedial works within the infrastructure sector. Our ability to combine construction techniques and remedial works management provides our infrastructure customers a seamless service for any project, no matter the scale. This ranges from maintenance and remedial works on civic property to infrastructure coatings and maintenance cycle repairs.

Trades UK 247 is committed to supporting the needs of the infrastructure sector and those who commission the work. Trades UK 247 ensures the enhancement and quality of important facilities within communities.

Infrastructure is an essential part of community well-being and connection. We have the knowledge and management techniques to maintain public places, civic buildings and utility services. We are adapted to working within high risk environments, occupied areas and difficult access areas. Those responsible for projects involving multiple stakeholders rely on us to deliver high quality work systems on time and in budget.

The demands of this sector involve many new challenges and require quality management to support new working models and implement new creative remedy solutions. We work collaboratively with our infrastructure customers to fully understand and provide flexible solutions when it comes to their desired outcome. Our proven management systems allow for work to continue around functioning and working environments in this sector, whilst placing high importance on minimising disruption.

Our quality control systems fully test design ideas and maintenance solutions. We rely on the specialist knowledge of our consultants and supply chain to deliver high performance and standards of finish ensuring the success of our working relationship with our infrastructure customers and asset protection.

Trades UK 247 can provide the commercial property solutions you need to address project problems

Registered Office: Level 3 No 207, Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH